Longest-lived and happiest humans on Earth

Hunza, is a little province of Pakistan. The population there is poor, but they are happy with what they have.

Hunza people are the most study-orianted people in Pakistan, about 90% being alphabetized and also are known of their hospitality.

Hunza is famous for having the most lgevous population in the world. The life expectancy of people is extremly high. To live to 130, even 145 years is not unusual for these people. Heart or lung desease, diabets, cacner, tuberculios… is unknown for Hunza population.

What is the secret of the Hunza population? – The nutrition! And the water they drink: Hunza drink directly from glacial streams in the highHimalayas. It is fresh, invigorating, life enhancing, free radical scavenging and delicious.

Find out an interesting information about Hunza diet here.

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