No more lovers for Japanese men

The other day, searching for some interesting news in web, I found an article ”saying” that for Japanese men it will be officially forbidden to have a mistress/lover.

In southern Chinese province Guangdong, lawmakers believe, that the ban will help to support and to strengthen the stability of marriage and protect women’s rights more than it was protected before.

Strange law isn’t it? Do you think it really can help marriages to become stronger and more stable than before? May be Japanese people, having a different mentality and habits, since it will be a law, can obey it without any problem and with good results. Who knows.

Ah, and I am curious, what will be the penalty if one won’t obey the law?

P.S. Mistress-keeping is an old Japanese tradition. How long it will take this tradition to be vanished, even using official laws against it?

Time is the only thing that can give an answer.

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