The Art of doing Nothing


Often at times the most enjoyable moments of the day are the most simple ones.  When your day is packed from morning to night, it is important to learn to appreciate the simple things in life and learn to take comfort in doing absolutely nothing at all. 

Humans are constantly distracted.

When you’re lonely, do you embrace it and find solitude…or do you call up a friend or loved one for company? When you’re bored, do you enjoy the present moment to be alone…or do you switch on the television or grab a magazine? When you’re tired, do you keep pushing on with the day…or do you abandon activities and seek rest?

There is nothing wrong with any of the activities. But us humans are constantly distracted, preoccupied and sidetracked. 

Throughout the day we are always attending to different people… work, school, family, personal life, etc.. We are getting things done. Accomplishing tasks. Serving purposeful actions. To focus on “doing nothing” takes an incredible amount of skill. Maybe you think it’s a waste of time to sit around and “do nothing.”  

Since the start of the semester, I have learned to value “nothingness” more than ever. When I am able to enjoy time and do nothing at all, I can often find simplicity, tranquility and bliss. It is a very powerful tool to eliminate dualities and focus on the inside through breath and thought. 

Make it a purpose and schedule “nothingness” daily. For me, engaging in “nothingness” leads to reduced anxiety, a relaxed body, still thoughts, and being content. Even if it is only for 5 minutes a day.

Simple tips on beginning to enjoy a moment of nothing:

  • Sunrise/sunset. These are two lovely times of the day to engage in doing nothing.  Often at times upon rising or sleeping I sit cross-legged in my bed and massage essential oils into my forehead, neck and temples.  Then I sit for a few minutes, close my eyes….and do nothing. It’s a great way to start the day, or a great way to clear your mind to end the day. 

  • Earth. Feel the energy surging from beneath the earth. Find a green spot, enjoy it, then bask in the sun and enjoy doing nothing for a few moments, then afterwards you can carry on with the rest of your day feeling refreshed and energized. Sometimes I like to cycle somewhere really, really far, away from civilization then just sit for a while and enjoy the stillness. 


  • Imagination. Anywhere, you can do nothing. It’s up to you and the ability of your mind. Finding time to do nothing during a busy day can be very rewarding. Doing nothing is very effective in helping to calm nerves. Sometimes when I need a moment for myself I just go somewhere quiet, or tune into my ipod and do nothing but use music to guide me into nothingness.

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