‘Without music life would be a mistake’

Totally agree with great Friedrich Nietzsche – “without music life would be a mistake.” I can’t imagine any single day without music, without a beautiful melody, sound, rhythm…

Like a smell, music has an amazing feature: it takes you back in your past. Hearing the song you used to listen years ago tags you with that time and you are not able to connect that song to other memories but those you had at the exact moment of your life. It is amazing!

Music for me is a language without language, everyone can listen, hear, feel and understand. Melody is a magic thing that tells all in a beautiful, laconic way when words are disabled to.

When I was little I used to listen songs with English lyrics, I wasn’t able to understand words, but always loved the melody. Later, when I got older and studied the language, I loved and appreciated more the certain songs but the melody and rhythm is always the first and indelible for me.

Are you trying to find connection between music and the statement “Eco-frienldy?” Just few minutes ago I was doing the same. I started to search if there were any songs connected to this theme. I found a link/page where they have a list of ”top 20 Eco-song of all time”. Among the songs I found really nice ones and I choose Cat Stevens ‘where do the children play’ (very subjective as I love his songs generally).

Listen to this charming song and try (if you would like) to guess why it is considered to be an Eco-friendly song.


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