The secret of happy couple

Evening Show with Jay Leno is looking for guests in an unusual way – the casting is carried out directly on the gas stations- live. Facilitator are asks to sing karaoke, and if the result of the guests will be impressive, they will be invited in the TV studio to sing.

Recently, Jay Leno was lucky – at the gas station came a couple, Will and Monifieth. Will is a bartender, Monifieth is fitness coach, they have been married since 12 years. Simple, fun, open-minded people who truly love each other and life, able to enjoy every moment, even this kind of unexpected one.

Instead of being shy and modest, they were enthusiastic and had fun, making mini show near their car, having won the first presenter and audience, and then the entire Internet. Not only did this couple get free Gas… but they then were invited to the Tonight show to lead the Band and had a great time.

This video has over 17 million visitors on youtube and has been share on facebook thousands of times.

Enjoy and love, love life – we have it only one! ☼


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