Sleep sanctuary

I want to wake up everyday with a smile on my face, feeling the warmth of the sun seeping through the shutters, and knowing that today is going to be an amazing day because life is beautiful and worth celebrating no matter how tough obstacles can be.

I do wake up with a smile on my face 99.999% of the time, perch myself up on my bed and enjoy the delight of the mesmerizing sun and realize that everything around me is radiating with beauty but sometimes when one has an overactive mind, we can find ourselves waking up to the screeching sound of an alarm feeling a rush of anxiety of the upcoming activities and challenges and then from there its go-go-go. The same can apply for when we go to sleep, full of exhaustion we literally just pass out and forget to enjoy the process of going to sleep.

The starting and ending of the day are two of my favorite parts of the day. Rising properly will ensure we have a positive day and ending the day correctly will ensure sound sleep and beautiful dreams. In order to master both of these, we must remove negative stress and anxiety and seek tranquility and harmony.

Upon Rising:

Feel the morning energy surging through your body. Gracefully open your tender eyes. Practice steady breaths. Awaken your muscles through gentle stretches (One can practice gentle yoga while still in bed). Replenish lost fluids, tea is nice. Now … Get out of bed, jump around, throw the shutters wide open, embrace the sun, and welcome a big new smile for a great new day!

Before bedtime:

Imagine your bed a tranquil garden. Perch yourself up against some lush pillows. Rest your eyes. Relax your shoulders and jaw. Massage some essential oils into pressure points. Eliminate dualities. Imagine each racing thought as a weed in your garden. We do not like weeds. Eliminate the weeds until there is nothing but beautiful florals in your garden. Submerge your mind with your consciousness. Realize your strength and potential to have control and be free from your thoughts.

Open your eyes. Look at the beauty around you. Feel your heart rate has slowed. Your breath more steady. Embrace solitude. Allow your thoughts to slowly come back, perhaps you can stimulate this by reading a book until your eyes bring your attention back to your self.

Lull yourself to sleep.

Sweet dreams.

When life gets tough….just remember that life is beautiful and that with each new day, we face new obstacles and challenges. Those things that do not come easy are worth having, the better they are, the harder we work.

We pay the price because the payoff can be much greater. 

Find stillness during rising and waking. Be calm. Negative stress and anxiety are unnecessary and we can learn to eliminate them.


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