World Music Day


World music day is also known as Fête de la Musique (“Make music”) is a music festival, firstly ideated by French Dance and Music director Maurice Fleuret for the sake of Minister of Culture Jack Lang during the time of 1981. Though the festival took place in the year 1982.

Fête de la Musique is held in over 100 countries annually on 21 June. 

Several music concerts are arranged at free of cost on this day.

The free worldwide music festival Faites de la Musique has come back to Rome and on Friday, June 21, Suona Francese and Edison will be sponsoring a concert of both emerging and well-known Italian and French musicians in Piazza Farnese. The event, which thanks to Edison will be zero-emissions, is held with the collaboration of Roma Capitale. An evening of free, non-stop musical performances from the winners of the Edison Change the Music 2012 competition will be on stage beginning at 8:30 pm: the up-and-coming Rome group KuTso, the French band Le Rue Ketanou and Simone Cristicchi. The event involves both professional musicians and non-professional, and is attentive to all musical genres. (ANSAmed).

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