Ready for Halloween?

After being informed about Halloween origins and the typical activities of this day, now it’s time to get ready and decide what to dress.

I attended several Halloween parties and they were great. Of course being with friends and have fun is always great but apart from this, the costumes they had on were very creative and nice.

I must say that I have never spent money to buy some special outfit. Always was trying to be creative with the thing I already had.

I remember once me and my friend did not have any idea what to wear. It was getting late and we had to go to the Halloween party. And here an idea struck my mind:

– Do you have an onion at home?

– Sure, I do, why?

– Do you want to be dressed up for tonight?

– Sure, I do! 

– So, get ready. Here is make up, cut the onion and let’s go!

– You are crazy!

– Probably, but now we are sure we are a part of the party.

– Ooh, look, I ll be a Joker, hehe!

– Great idea! I will be no one, just a person with messed up make-up, let’s go!

Easy, isn’t it? Nothing special but a little strange effect on our faces and we were done. All liked us, we were glad and proud of that 🙂

What I am trying to say is, that one can always find a simple and meanwhile worthy solution.

Try to make your own costume from the recycled or non-recycled materials instead to throw them out. Even more, these days I have seen ”jewelery” made with candy wraps, I find it a nice idea, so gather all the candy wraps from the party and make a nice, original jewelery for the next celebration. Use all possible things, materials, decorations you have at home and be different. Be different also in a meaning of green, make your costume more eco-friendly and enjoy the party.

The simple is always the best.

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