Christmas in red

One of the things I like about a little, beautiful ancient city of Padova, is that for Christmas time all the sidewalks are covered with red carpet. Even already in November red carpets are almost everywhere in the city center. One walking on the red carpet can imagine himself/herself on a famous Red carpet . I already did for this year 🙂

Red is a very Christmas color, may be the reason of that is Santa Claus’s ”dressing style” – all in red. Did you know that red coat of Santa Claus became standard only in the 1920’s, before he wore green, blue and purple coats. Interesting.. Can’t imagine Santa Claus dressed in other colors but red, it suits him too much 🙂

Never saw a red carpet in Prague (I used to live there for several years) but I saw they started to decorate one of the big supermarket near the center already in the middle of October this year, too early isn’t it? But, I must admit, that it was also October when I started to croon one of my favorite Christmas song.. also that was too early to, now I can’t remember if it was Prague early decoration influence or the melody of the song started to wander into my mind anyway before that.

I’m sure many of you like the song I am talking about. I wont ”publish” it here for now, I will wait till December, I only give you a little clue: in that song (song is in English language) it is mentioned a ”mistletoe” (kissing under the mistletoe dates back to a 16-17 Th century English custom);

P.S. Let me know your versions please, by commenting the post, I am curious 😉

By the way, I have never heard one of the well known Christmas song named “12 days of Christmas” and so didn’t know if you receive all gifts listed in this song, you would receive 364 presents. You can have a look on video what kind of presents they are “talking” about (I didn’t count them, but for Christmas I, personally, would like to receive a bit different presents 😉 )

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