Go green

Very often I think about how the other person sees the same thing we are both looking at. Can s/he see the same way the same colors as I do? For sure as each of us are individuals having specific and unique construction of everything, so also the sight ,if a green leaf is green for me for you it is also green, but who knows which palette of colors you see and what kind of green is your green compared to mine.

I find perception and association very interesting phenomenoun. The sky is blue because we decided it to be blue. We called it sky and not cloud and we decided that the color sky has is blue.

We decided that the nature is green instead of being orange. As a nature so the green color is calming and harmonic and a resource of positive energy. This color is considered to be the most resftul color for the human eyes. Besides general, informative aspect green color (color of balance, growth, renewal, rebirth, love, nature, peace, harmony) has also religious, mythological, political associations.

We, humans invented traffic lights and decided it to have three (red, yellow, green) or two (red and green) colors and admitted that green is ”GO” – you are safe to move. When one mentions a word paradise it always comes in my mind, that there is all green, beautiful nature, fountains, flowers, blue sky, calm, quiet, love (even I have never been there yet)…

So, grow and go with green trying to convert the Earth into real paradise helping, loving and supporting it and its creatures.

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